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Range Hours: Mon – Thu: 10AM to 6PM | Fri - Sat: 9AM to 8PM | Sun: 1PM to 7PM.
Non-members can book 2 days in advance. Members can book 7 days in advance.
No more than 2 people can be in a given lane at a time. Ladies shoot FREE on EVERY DAY!


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Membership Packages make it easier for you to take full advantage of our services with Unlimited Range Visits.


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We offer brand new and used sporting and defense firearms, parts, supplies, ammunition and gunsmith services.


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Our USCCA and NRA certified instructors are professional, experienced, ready, and can help you get that permit to carry.



Our 75 foot range has 10 lanes, is climate controlled, wheelchair accessible with dedicated lanes that have adjustable shooting benches. Our large range is suitable for Firearms Training Events and Competition Stages.



We believe that every gun owner should strive to maintain or improve their knowledge and skill through training and practice. We recommend following a progression of training that makes the most sense for you, whether you plan to carry a firearm or not.



Customer Reviews

Posted 1/23/2018 on

If I ever don't know something about a gun, they're always willing to explain it all to me. The price for the class is extremely reasonable and hard to beat.

Colby B. - Gallatin, TN

Posted 12/8/2017 on

We took our class and passed and then decided after looking at some other ranges that we would get our membership here at Sumner Gun & Supply.

Stephanie M. - Portland, TN

Posted 1/9/2018 on

What I love the most is the staff are who they are - they're not your typical "Salespeople".

Zaq H. - Nashville, TN

Posted 1/10/2018 on

Love this place! The range is well maintained. The staff is great. They even work me in on pistol team night.

Craig L. - Lebanon, TN

Posted 1/15/2018 on

Love this place. Always go here, sometimes a few times a month if I can. Plus this is the only store around that sells lefty holsters that fit my carry side arm perfect, lol!

Justin H. - Ayer, MA

Posted December 29, 2020 on

Convenient, super helpful staff and a good variety of guns/ammo/accessories.

Kristine Breaux-McCullough

Posted March 28, 2021 on

There are some super uptight gun supple stores in the area, Sumner is not one of them!!!! They have excellent customer service, knowledgeable, and women shoot free! I would 11/10 recommend this supply and range. Wonderful staff.

Morgan Kay

Posted July 8, 2019 on

The beginner's class helped me more than I could have hoped. Tim is a great instructor. Dave, Steve and Jukes have all given me very helpful advice on my purchase of the Glock and are very encouraging. I can't thank y'all enough!

Frank Marchese

Posted July 27, 2019 on

Came in for a 2 hr gun safety course with Steve Murphy. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. Steve is such an awesome teacher. Very personable, understanding and has a lot of knowledge.

Shelley Graves

Posted November 8, 2020 on

So far my experience has been positive everyone has been helpful, prices seem competitive. I purchased a new rifle then went to their indoor range the next day.

Barry Briley

Posted 8/5/2018 on

The equipment works well and the staff has always been helpful. Purchasing items, beyond range fees, are not required. It is the best indoor range -- for the money -- in the area.

Cl G. - Lafayette, TN

Posted 12/16/2020 on

Had our exodus class with Justin tonight. Super nice guy and great teacher. Highly recommend him for your lessons. Love sumner gun, great group of people.

David F. - Gallatin, TN

Posted 1/13/2012 on

It is very well lit, and very well ventilated. I didn't smell gun powder once in the 2 hours I was there.

Qhorse T. - Hendersonville, TN

Posted 1/10/2018 on

Love this place, every time I've been here the staff has been friendly and helpful. They take their time to help and don't seem to mind answering questions.

Mark K. - Hendersonville, TN

Posted April 12, 2020 on

I have used their range a couple times. Gentlemen working there are always pleasant. My wife feels comfortable there too as they don't talk over her head.

Steve Goodwin

Posted June 13, 2020 on

Great indoor range. Prices on everything are very competitive even compared to online sources. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Josh Tonelli

Posted June 27, 2020 on

The range is a great place to practice your skills with either handguns or long rifles. The staff were knowledgeable, professional and courteous.

Jay Howell

Posted August 13, 2020 on

This place is the bees knees!!! Love the range and the staff is always helpful and knowledgeable. Got my permit here and highly recommend the class. Keep up the great work fellas!!!

Josh Snell

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