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Try something different. Rent a Firearm, feed it some ammo and hit the range!
Here are some of the firearms we have available for rental.
Some of our rentals have a Suppressor installed!

Handgun rental $15 | Second rental $15

Suppressed .22 Pistol or AR-15 Rental $25

Corporate Members get FREE Firearm Rentals!

rental-.22LR Colt M1911A1

.22LR Colt M1911A1 Pistol

rental-.22LR S&W 317 AirLite revolver

.22LR S&W 317 AirLite Revolver

rental-.380 Bersa Thunder Pistol

.380 Bersa Thunder Pistol

rental-.380 Glock-42 380

.380 Glock-42 380 Pistol

rental-9mm Baretta M9-pistolet

9mm Beretta M9-Pistolet

rental-9mm Glock 19

9mm Glock 19 Pistol

rental-9mm Ruger LC9s Pro 1

9mm Ruger LC9s Pro 1 Pistol

rental-9mm Ruger SR9 2

9mm Ruger SR9 2 Pistol

rental-9mm Springfield XDM pistol

9mm Springfield XDM Pistol

rental-Springfield XDS pistol

Springfield XDS Pistol

rental-.38sp Taurus 85 revolver

.38sp Taurus 85 Revolver

rental-.40 Glock 23 G4

.40 Glock 23 G4 Pistol

rental-.40 H&K P2000SK

.40 H&K P2000SK PISTOL

rental-.22LR Cricket

.22LR Cricket Rifle

rental-9mm TMW ASR rifle

.9mm TMW ASR Rifle

rental-GoodTime Core15 Rifle Supressed

GoodTime Core15 Rifle - Supressed

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