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Range Rules

Please become familiar with our Range Rules before attending a class or going to the range.

All Federal, state and local firearm laws must be obeyed.

Shooters under 21 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and must be able to safely see and shoot over the shooting bench.

Firearms not on the firing line must be unloaded with their action open and the magazine removed or unloaded and cased.

Guns/magazines may only be handled on the range.

Safety Officers (RSO) have the right to inspect any firearms or ammunition at any time.

Shooters must complete and sign the Gun Range RELEASE, WAIVER, HOLD HARMLESS, INDEMNIFICATION AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT before using the Range.

Food, beverages, and smoking are prohibited on the range.

No muzzle-loading firearms may be fired. All calibers of pistols may be fired. Rifles up to and including .223 caliber may be fired.

Most handguns are allowed on the range, as long as the users know how to handle them safely.

Rifles, up to 30:06 or .303 are allowed, but no armor piercing, steel core or tracer ammunition can be used.

Silencers and Suppressors are allowed, as long as they don’t make too much noise.

NOT ALLOWED: Black powder firearms, paintball guns, spray guns or grease guns.

Shotgun slugs may be fired. (up to 30:06) No buckshot or birdshot may be fired.

Tracer, incendiary, armor piercing and steel core ammunition are strictly prohibited. If our staff identifies that you are shooting any of the aforementioned ammunition, you will be removed from the range and banned from future use.

Commands issued by a Range Officer and Range Personnel must be immediately obeyed without question.

If the command “CEASE FIRE” is given: stop shooting immediately, remove your finger from the trigger, remove magazine, clear firearm, place the firearm on the bench. Step back from the shooting booth and wait for further instructions.

No one other than Gun Range personnel may go forward of the firing line unless authorized or instructed to do so by our RSO.

When the line is declared “CLEAR,” all firearms must be safely grounded (action open and magazine removed), and all shooters must step away from the firing line. Absolutely no firearm handling, unloaded or otherwise, will occur while the line is “CLEAR.”

Shooters may only use Gun Range approved paper targets, placed at eye level.

Firing a shot on the Range that results in the bullet striking anything other than the target and/or backstop, may result in a repair fine of $75.00 and/or your removal from the range.

Cross firing of targets is prohibited.

All firing must be aimed fire.

Holster drawing not permitted. (exception for Downrange IDPA matches).

You may collect your own brass that is inside your stall and behind the firing line.

Brass from other shooters and all brass that falls in front of the firing line may not be collected.

Competitions held on the Range will be conducted in accordance with official range rules or by the rules of the sanctioning body of the match.

Always wash your hands and face immediately after shooting and/or cleaning your firearm.

Sinks are located in the restrooms. While on the range, no more than 2 people can be in a given lane at a time.


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