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Private Individual Lessons

About Private Individual Lessons

Private lessons are available in either 1 or 2 hour formats and can cover whatever you feel you need instruction on. If you are wanting to cover shooting, then you will need to bring a firearm, or rent one from us.

You should expect a call from an instructor within 24-72 hours to schedule your lesson.

Classes are held at our store, located at 526 West Main Street, Gallatin, TN 37066.

Please park in the center of the parking lot, not in front of the store.

Request a time for a 2-Hour Private Individual Lesson

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Private Lesson Schedule - 2 Hours

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You can rent a firearm from us on the day of your class for $15. If you rent one of our firearms, you must also purchase our ammo to use with it.
If you need ammo, but do not choose a type, we cannot guarantee that we will have enough for you to purchase.

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